Hotel Policies

Cancellation Policy

  • Reservations may be cancelled up to 72 hours in advance of check-in date at 4pm local time at no charge.
  • Reservations cancelled after 72 hours before the check-in time will be charged for the first booked night.
  • Reservations will be charged the rate for the first booked night for a "No Show".
  • Reservations will be charged a prepayment of the total rate for all nights 72 hours before check-in.
  • The hotel will not provide refunds due to sickness, airline delays, strikes, political unrest or acts of God, including hurricanes.

Booking and Fees

All guests booking a room must provide a valid credit card at time of check-in. This card will be kept on file and any damages or other incidentals, e.g. room service, will be charged to this card. Upon booking a room at our hotel, guest agrees to adhere by these policies.

Payments Accepted

The following credit cards are accepted as payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express